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Are you tired of generic marketing advice that fails to address your real challenges? Do you crave authentic, actionable strategies that deliver results?

If so, welcome to the future of marketing with The Marketing Authenticity Council (MAC)!

The Marketing Accountability Council transcends mere tactics. We aspire to be a watchdog for the industry, holding everyone accountable – consumers, employees, and companies alike. Our mission is to foster a fair and ethical marketing landscape where companies thrive by building trust and value.

  • Why is this important?
    • Consumers deserve transparency and respect. They should be able to trust the information they receive and make informed decisions based on truth, not manipulation.
    • Employees deserve to be treated ethically and fairly. Companies should not resort to exploitative practices to achieve success.
    • Companies ultimately benefit from ethical practices. Building trust and fostering genuine stakeholder relationships leads to sustainable growth and success.
    We believe in building a marketing ecosystem where ethical practices and genuine value creation drive success.

What to expect from this newsletter:

  • Thought-provoking content: We’ll challenge your perspective with in-depth articles, insightful interviews, and unconventional case studies.
  • Actionable strategies: Get ready to implement marketing strategies and tactics that drive real results for your business. Marketing you can feel good about.
  • A supportive community: Connect with fellow marketing mavericks who share your passion and learn from experienced mentors who challenge the status quo.

Together, we can break free from the mold and revolutionize the way marketing is done.


Jay Mandel


Last modified: February 27, 2024