Who We Are & What we do?

Find Your Tribe, Find Your Voice

The Marketing Accountability Council (MAC) is your one-stop shop for growth, connection, and making a real impact in the marketing world. We offer a unique four-council structure, with free membership opportunities for everyone, regardless of experience level. Here's how you can find your fit and benefit:

Launchpad COUNCIL 

The Emerging Marketing Talent Council  is designed equip you with the knowledge and skills required by employers. The program fosters an environment where you can develop your leadership potential by participating in various activities and taking initiative.


Shape the Industry, Mentor Talent: Experienced marketers like YOU are needed! Share your expertise, guide emerging talent, and lead bi-weekly initiatives shaping best practices. Network with a passionate community including. Limited Spots, Big Impact: Membership is selective.

Advisory Council

Seasoned marketers, lend your expertise! Shape the future of marketing by joining the MAC Advisory Council. Offer strategic guidance, connect us to key industry players, and inspire the next generation with your success stories. Make a real difference – apply today!

Our vision: A future where ethical marketing practices are not just a badge of honor, but the standard

While the certification program is still under development, we’re forging a central hub for organizations seeking to:

  • Dominate with Ethics: Unlock true success through marketing that wins big for you and your customers.
  • Embrace Responsible Practices: Craft impactful, ethical strategies that prioritize transparency and genuine customer focus.
  • Become Accountability Champions: Develop a framework for demonstrably responsible marketing, building unwavering trust with stakeholders.

Join the Movement: Become a leader in the ethical marketing revolution. Subscribe to our Substack for updates and opportunities to contribute to a brighter marketing future.


Stay Ahead of the Curve: Benefit from a program that adapts to industry trends and incorporates ongoing feedback from the marketing community.